Thinking of Europe

When ever I think about my Euro trip I feel a flutter (actually, more like a roll) of excitement in my stomach and a tingling in my fingers. I can’t help smirking or wasting time on daydreams. It’s so fun and instantly makes my day sparkle just a little bit more.


Bellydance classes

So I’ve finally gone and enrolled myself in a bellydance class! Went to my first class yesterday, which was an American tribal style class. The teacher did an improv and was beautiful. Now that I’ve handed over the money there’s no going back!

In preparation of all the good food I expect to be eating when I visit Europe, I’ve decided to lose enough weight so that the extra pounds I gain there will only bring me back to my normal number. 🙂

How to register a 50cc scooter in Japan

I bought a 50cc scooter from someone leaving the country, then freaked out when I realized that I knew zilch about how to register it in my name. I did some research and was relieved to find out that it was actually quite simple. I’ve included the steps below for anyone else who finds themselves in a similar predicament. This is the procedure for 50cc scooters. The procedure might be similar for normal motorcycles, but don’t quote me on that.

I’ll put in the Japanese term then add an explanation after.
Here is what you will need to get from the seller:

-廃車証明書 (haisha shoumeisho). A paper the owner receives from the city office, which basically says that the bike is no longer registered in his name.

– 譲渡証明書 (jyouto shoumeisho). Paper from the former owner saying that he is giving the bike to you. You can get the form from your city office or download a form online. You can even write it out yourself on a blank sheet of paper so long as the following information is included:

1. The signature of the former owner

2. The address of the former owner

3. His personal seal stamped beside his signature

4. The date of the transaction

5. The bike maker (Honda, Toyota, etc.)

6. The model

7. The bike’s registration number

8. How many cc’s the bike is (whether its 125cc or 50cc).

(Some city offices will be able to write up the papers so long as you have the “jyouto shoumeisho”. If you don’t have the “haisha shoumeisho”, take the present number plate with you to the city office.)

What you need to bring to the city office to register the bike:

1. The two papers you received from the former owner. (or the “jyouto shoumeisho” and the number plate)

2. Your personal seal

3. Personal identification papers (passport or driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.)

4. This depends on the city office, but some places will request an “ishi zuri”, a copy of the number on the bike frame by putting a paper over it and coloring with a pencil over it to make the numbers float out.

At the city office they will ask you to fill in a form. (They’re usually quite helpful and will explain where to put what and how, so don’t worry about the rest.)

If all goes well, they will give you a paper called 標識交付証明書 (hyoushiki koufu shoumeisho), which is your proof of ownership, and a new number plate. They will tell you to get the mandatory insurance.
And voila! that’s it.

If you’re buying from a store, recycle store, or an online auction store, you will need:

1. A proof of sales paper (販売証明書 “hanbai shoumeisho” in Japanese). They should automatically give it to you when you buy a scooter.

2. Your personal seal ( “Hanko” in Japanese)

3. Personal identification papers. E.g. your passport, driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.

Some pretty things

I have a semi-hobby of collecting jewelry that I find interesting….or that I just think would go fabulously with a particular outfit. 🙂 Here are the latest additions to my collection.

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Oatmeal chip cookies

Decided to whip up a batch and doubled the recipe, thinking it would be the usual measly amount. (Used this recipe) Turns out it was a BIG serving and ended up with several batches worth. At least there are plenty of cookie monsters in the house that it wouldn’t be a problem. I used only half the sugar called for and it went beautifully with a cup of coffee. Since it has oatmeal inside I could also be lazy, eat it the next morning, and tell myself that I had a healthy breakfast since it has eggs AND oatmeal.

Am overjoyed to have found myself a sturdy pair of wedge boots. Recently I’m all about wedge heels. If you going to be in walking in heels for hours on end, wedge is the way to go; not to mention you don’t have to worry about it getting caught in a grate and sending you tumbling forward. Another thing is that I tend to walk fast, preferring to get to my destination and have a moment to catch my breath before an appointment. Had a hard time deciding between black and tan, but in the end I went with the usual black.


So far I’ve saved up a little over half of what I’ll need for my trip to Europe. So very excited.

With Facebook here, blogs seem private by comparison. Not that they are. Just saying.

I love this weather. It makes me nostalgic and dreamy.

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